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Romina Marazzato Sparano

Judge: People’s Choice — Best Plain Language Communication and Worst Brainstrain Communication

President, Plain Language International Inc. (Plainlii), Monterey, California, USA

Romina is President of Plain Language International Inc. — a consulting and training firm with the mission to help clients get the most from their investment in communication with engaging and actionable writing. Romina is passionate about helping readers find, understand, and use information responsibly to better themselves, their communities, and their environment. She works in clear communication and language accessibility with individual professionals, small firms, non-profits, Fortune 500 companies, and local and national US government agencies.

She has taught at academic institutions and in professional settings around the world. She is pursuing research on readability at University of Buffalo, and has authored articles published in indexed journals. Romina developed the Plain Language Assessment Index (also known as RAISE Scoring Rubric), a tool for plain language evaluation currently under validation for multilingual use. She designed and launched the Middlebury Institute of International Studies Translation and Localization Management Masters Degree Program. Romina is also the founder of and leads the Spanish Plain Language Academy. She has been a keynote speaker, workshop leader, and presenter at professional associations and conferences including:

  • ACES (The Editing Society)
  • American Medical Writers Association
  • American Translators Association and its Chapters and Affiliates
  • RedACTE (International Network of Spanish Editing Associations)
  • Clear Writing Europe
  • the LEARN Workshop (hosted by the Foreign Language Program Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the National Cryptologic School)
  • Plain Language Association International (where she is currently a Board Member).

Romina is contributing to the development of language standards. She is an expert in translation and plain language, and is a member of technical committees at International Organization for Standardization (ISO). She has also been Judge of the Clear Mark Awards, in Spanish and English, sponsored by the Center for Plain Language.

Romina believes plain language principles apply to all communication and are also for experts. And, she often says ‘plain language is not a one-size-fits-all solution but rather a collaborative endeavour that requires effort, skills, and humility.’

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