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We’re inviting you to share your plain language story through video. Your story could be the story behind your document, project, or passion, or of why plain language matters to you.

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We want to hear why you’ve taken a plain language approach, and the impact that approach has had on your team, organisation, and customers.

We also want the public to see what plain language means in action, and understand some of the work that goes into creating a communication in plain language.

In the video below, we explain how anyone can create and share a video on their love for plain language.

Why share your video story?

Everyone appreciates clear information, especially when they have to follow a process or make an important decision. But not all content creators are willing go the extra mile to create clarity for their own audiences.

You’ve shown that you care about clear communication. We’d love you to share your story with the world to inspire others to care too.

The goal of sharing your stories is to help people understand your ‘why’ — why a plain language approach was important to you for a project, or why it governs how you do things generally. We want to know about the impact of your efforts — results from your project or document, customer and client feedback, and the positive effects on your teams and brands.

Here’s your chance to give the public a glimpse behind the scenes of plain language as it plays out in your lives and in organisations, and to inspire people to take similar approaches.

What will we do with your video?

Our video gallery showcases your stories so that together we can inspire, challenge, and enlighten others. Your videos will be promoted in our newsletter, and will appear alongside those of other individuals and organisations. The gallery is a wonderful resource to share with your own audiences too.

Your video does not form part of your Awards entry — it’s more about community building and sharing insights with each other. If you share a video, it doesn’t mean you have to enter the Awards. But we definitely encourage you to enter!

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Need some guidelines for your story?

Go to our video guidelines page to find out about ideal content and video format.

Guidelines for content, video format, and style

Ready to share your video?

Follow the link to Submittable below to upload your video and add a few details to let people know what your story is about. If you don’t have a Submittable account, it’s easy to make one. You’ll be able to use it later if you also want to enter the Awards.

When you upload your video, image, and information, you agree to allow the Plain Language Awards to display your content on our gallery.

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