Plain Language Awards

Celebrate the stories of our clearest business communicators

Terms and conditions

By entering the Plain Language Awards,
you agree to these terms

How to enter the Plain Language Awards

For all entries, except People’s Choice nominations and the Best Plain Language Sentence Transformation, you agree to pay a fee

For all categories, except the People’s Choice and Best Plain Language Sentence categories, you agree to pay the fees that apply to each entry:

  • NZ$125+GST: New Zealand standard entry
  • NZ$65+GST: New Zealand registered charities
  • AU$125 (no GST): Australian standard entry
  • AU$65 (no GST): Australian registered charities

You’ll need to pay online by credit card when you enter. If you’re a charity, you’ll need to provide your charity’s registration number to be eligible for the reduced fee.

Your entry fee goes completely towards running the Awards.

Nominations for the People’s Choice Awards are free.

We accept entries from New Zealand and Australia

We’re accepting entries from organisations that operate a business or other entity in New Zealand or Australia.

The document or website you enter must be in current use

You may enter any written business communication that is currently in use.

You may enter documents or websites for more than one award category

You may enter the same material for more than one award, as long as your entry meets the requirements for each category.

You can’t enter a document or website that has previously won an award in the same category

But if the winning document has changed significantly, you may enter it again.

Judges will take into account how much external help you had

If two entries are equally good, judges will give greater weight to the entry that was produced entirely in-house.

When you enter, you must say:

  • if you had an outside agency work on the entry
  • how much work that agency did for you, for example, writing, substantive redrafting, copy editing, proofreading.

Your details will be provided to sponsors

You agree to be contacted by sponsor organisations to discuss the services they offer on a no-obligation basis.

You’ll provide a short media statement for the Awards website if you are a finalist or winner

You’ll send us a short media statement within a week of being announced as a finalist. Your statement is an opportunity for you to publicly acknowledge the benefits of using plain language at your place.

You’ll take part in the Awards ceremony to accept your award

We’re hoping to hold the 2023 Awards ceremony in person, with live-streaming to reach the far corners of the globe. If you win, you agree that a representative from your organisation will accept the award and give a speech in person or online. If we do hold an in-person ceremony, we hope you’ll join us. A small ticket fee will apply (Ceremony details to come.)

We’ll publish information and photos about you and your entry

You agree to information and photos about your entry and organisation being published on our website and in other media.

Please email if you have any questions.