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Kate Harrison Whiteside

Judge: Best Plain Language Document — Private Sector

Director of Plain Language Academies and Owner of Key Advice and Services, British Colombia, Canada

The best aspect of being a writer is not knowing exactly where words will take you. Kate’s path started in journalism and now, decades later, she is the co-founder of the Plain Language Association International (PLAIN), International Plain Language Day, and director of the Plain Language Academies. Adding educlaro (Spanish), clair et simple (French), and South African based services has opened linguistic and geographic accessibility. Students have come from Japan, New Zealand, Europe, South Africa, and the Americas to study online at the Academies. In 2021, the Academies won the PLAIN Cheryl Stephens Innovation Award.

Clients go to the Academies and KeyAdvice.Net for writing, editing, and training services to help them improve client connections through clear communication. Each project, whether in health, government, services, or business teaches me new perspectives in today’s needs. I am inspired by the two-way learning.

Kate lives in the Okanagan wine region of British Columbia, where her words are inspired by the views of lakes, orchards, mountains, and vineyards.

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