Plain Language Awards

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Judge: Best Plain Language Document — Private Sector

Senior Business Analyst, Fire and Emergency New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand

An advocate for clarity and clear communication

Jonathan has worked with government agencies and organisations in the private sector to help them clearly communicate with their readers. He was recently the practice manager for Write Limited, assessing documents for the WriteMark and WriteMark Plus. His keen eye for communication design helped many clients create reader-friendly documents. And his banking experience helped to cut through the gobbledegook of financial jargon.

Always thinking about the customer journey

Jonathan has always put customers at the heart of everything he does. His mantra has been to ‘think about who your audience is and how you need to communicate with them’. User-testing and design-thinking methodologies are his go-to tools for work. And a bit of common sense doesn’t hurt either!

Spreading the love of plain language

Jonathan is always talking to people about plain language. He uses his plain language skills to support his strategic thinking as a business analyst. And he’s an Associate Member of PACE — Professional Assistants to Chief Executives in New Zealand. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a BA, EA, or CE, you shouldn’t need a BOA (book of acronyms) to read what’s in front of you.

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