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Judge: Plain Language Champion — Best Organisation

Public Health Practitioner and Plain Language Advocate, Victoria, Australia

Emily is an Australian public health practitioner, passionate about plain language and health literacy. It’s her strong belief that everyone has the right to plain language information that allows them to be active and centred in all their healthcare decisions. Emily advocates for plain language across all sectors and brings experiences from healthcare, women’s health, and local government.

Emily shares her passion and advocacy for social justice, inclusion, plain language, informed consent, and person-centred decision making in her role as board member for Gippsland Women’s Health. In her current professional role, Emily advocates for the consideration and use of plain language to improve the patient journey when navigating the healthcare system. Having health information available for everyone in plain language means everyone can access the information that is right for them, in a way that is easy to understand and allows for more meaningful and informed engagement.

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