Plain Language Awards

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Judge: Best Plain Language Annual Report

Emily Falloon, Communications and Documentation Specialist, Christchurch City Council, Christchurch, New Zealand

Emily started out wearing many hats in the educational publishing sector (publisher, editor, marketer, sales and comms). Then, having cut her teeth developing literacy resources for time-poor teachers and struggling readers, she made the leap into communications for the Christchurch City Council’s digital team.

‘With each role I go into, plain language always emerges as the key to success. When people have to battle to understand, engagement drops off instantly. But when content is clear, meaningful, and accessible, they’ll engage and the purpose is achieved faster.’

She now spends her days striving to improve engagement and translating tech-heavy jargon and IT processes. She’s especially passionate about using plain language to reduce mental gymnastics and improve access to information.

‘Not everyone has the literacy or English confidence to trudge through legalese, government processes, or complex tax procedures. And yet just to exist in society, everyone encounters these at some point. Plain language is the answer to support everyone to quickly understand and achieve these essential parts of life.’