Plain Language Awards

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Winner: Plain Language Champion — Best Organisation


The thinkstep-anz team proudly show off their hard-earned winnings | Caroline Noordijk, Greta Menzies, and Barbara Nebel

Judges’ comments

thinkstep-anz have clearly demonstrated a deliberate and long-term approach to plain language. Over the past few years, they have been recognised for a range of entries (and wins) in the Plain Language Awards. They have been on a steady, ambitious journey to create a workplace where all staff — from senior leadership to their newest recruits — know what plain language is and use it. Their Awards entry pulled together a wealth of evidence and examples of plain language from every part of the business. It was a strong entry for Best Organisation and deserving of the win.

Congratulations to thinkstep-anz for being named Plain Language Champion — Best Organisation 2023.

Media statement

We’re thrilled to win this award. Thank you!

Sustainability is a communications challenge as well as a technical one. That’s why we translate our technical findings into plain language: we want our technical work to have an impact. Plain language and infographics make it easy for decision-makers like CEOs and Directors on both sides of the Tasman to understand our sustainability findings and act on them. Plain language helps clients promote their sustainability work without worrying about ‘greenwash’. And it means that everyone can understand general sustainability concepts and work together to make our environment, communities and businesses more sustainable.

All power to plain language in helping achieve these aims! Our thanks to the WriteMark Plain English Awards Trust for championing it.


Barbara Nebel