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Winner: Best Plain Language Document — Private Sector

AA Insurance

Winner AA Insurance proudly display their trophy | Whitney Ferguson

Document name

Working Towards a Resolution

Judges’ comments

The Working Towards a Resolution brochure is a very good example of effective plain writing and information design. Its purpose is clear — to provide a step-by-step guide for the reader to follow should they have a complaint. The document includes good headings, decent alignment and white spacing, and colour contrast that all support readability. AA Insurance have worked hard to receive the WriteMark Plain Language Standard, which is a good reflection of the respect and value they have for their clients. Well done on an exceptional document!

Media statement

We’re thrilled to be recognised in this year’s Plain Language Awards for Best Plain Language Document — Private Sector for our Working Towards a Resolution brochure. This brochure supports our customers by clearly explaining our resolution process from start to finish.

Misunderstandings are almost always at the centre of complaints, so listening and talking things through usually clears it up. We want our customers to know we are there for them, and will work together to resolve issues. The brochure outlines our resolution process, timeframes and options available to our customers at each stage, so they are kept updated and can make informed decisions. We are really pleased that our brochure has been recognised for clearly setting out what customers can expect from our resolution process.

We are proud to champion the use of plain language by simplifying our insurance documents, so they are easy to read and understand, to help us earn the trust of our customers. Using plain language helps us put the customer at the heart of everything we do.

In 2022, AA Insurance achieved WriteMark Plus accreditation for providing a high standard of plain language. Our WriteMark Plus accreditation and recognition at the Plain Language Awards in 2022 and 2023 reflects our commitment to making insurance clear and easy to understand for all New Zealanders.


Whitney Ferguson
Customer Resolution Specialist
AA Insurance