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Finalist: People’s Choice — Best Plain Language Communication


Cogo earns a well-deserved finalist spot in the People’s Choice category

Document name

Cogo’s Impact Model (December 2022)

Judges’ comments

Cogo’s Impact Model report sheds light on an important and complex topic. The report engages readers through its attractive illustrations and simple, passionate language. The report exudes confidence and its content is hopeful and empowering.

We think, with just a few tweaks, a future version could lead to even more awareness of Cogo’s Impact Model, and to more businesses being inspired to develop and implement their own impact models.

Media statement

Climate fintech Cogo is celebrating its recognition as a plain language impact champion at the Plain Language Awards 2023. Announced as a finalist in the ‘People’s Choice — Best Plain Language Communication’ category, the Plain Language Awards celebrate organisations that help raise the bar for clear communication on both sides of the Tasman.

We owe it to future generations to leave them a more sustainable and fairer world, and our goal at Cogo is to help everyone better understand how their spending affects the climate crisis. Fostering this type of understanding relies on simple, clear communication. We’re stoked to feature alongside some of Australia and New Zealand’s finest companies and we’re committed to continuing to do everything we can to promote carbon literacy and action through language that is easy to understand.

Cogo is a carbon footprint management product that helps individuals and businesses to measure, understand, and reduce their impact on the climate. Cogo does this through partnerships with some of the world’s largest banks to integrate leading carbon-tracking functionality into their banking apps. As part of this, it helps banks to engage meaningfully with customers.

Cogo’s recent research on carbon literacy and understanding highlighted that over the past decade, it’s not just the climate that has changed — media coverage and public interest in the issue have also increased. As a result, more and more people are trying to embrace a sustainable lifestyle. Yet, the complexity of messaging around the climate crisis prevents many from taking meaningful action. Every day we see carbon footprint information on different products and services. But most people don’t know what ‘kilogram of carbon dioxide equivalent’ means or what to do with this information. Consequently, people lack the confidence to take action.

Cogo’s Impact Model, which received an Award of Distinction at the Awards, explains how a specifically designed Impact Model can help businesses align and achieve their social and commercial objectives. Getting these tools out to as many people and businesses as possible is one of Cogo’s main drivers.

Delivering on change requires more than good intent. Businesses need a map to guide the impact they’re seeking to make on the world; and we’re excited to be a champion of change through providing this direction in an understandable and clear way.


Brian Johnston
Chief Impact Officer