Plain Language Awards

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Finalist: People’s Choice — Best Plain Language Communication


Powershop’s Angelique Collins and Sam Yates excited to be finalists at the 2023 Plain Language Awards


Judges’ comments

The Powershop website is engaging and informative, and does a good job of promoting its unique offering of shopping for power. The website’s illustrations, FAQs, resources (including downloadable checklist PDFs that are gifts of clear thinking), and clear calls-to-action all help readers to digest and make use of the information.

We hope the clever team at Powershop will direct some of its infectious energy towards uncovering even more electrifying clarity!

Media statement

Thrilled doesn’t begin to cover it — Powershop is over the moon to be nominated for this People’s Choice — Best Plain Language Communication award.

Since 2009 our unwavering mission has been to bring ‘Power to the people’, by demystifying the energy sector for Kiwis. Our commitment to championing simple, bold, and engaging information — with a dash of fun — on this otherwise unsexy topic, remains as strong as ever.

It’s an absolute honour to be nominated by a customer, and to deliver our work with the extraordinary Powershop crew. We’re a passionate powerhouse on a mission, and we’re amped to keep it going. Puns always intended!


Annalies Kruiniger
Marketing Lead