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Finalist: Best Plain Language Annual Report

National Trauma Network

Congratulations to the National Trauma Network on being a finalist in the 2023 Plain Language Awards

Document name

Annual Report 2021/22

Judges’ comments

The National Trauma Network created an annual report that helps their readers easily navigate their digital content.

Clickable page numbers and tabs helpfully guide readers through the information. The content creators also built a format and structure that prioritises white space, scannable content chunks, and visual aids.

The structure they created for the storytelling elevates this report as a finalist by giving the reader a navigable, scannable experience.

Media statement

On behalf of the National Trauma Network, we are thrilled to be a finalist for the Best Plain Language Annual Report category for 2023.

The National Trauma Network was established to improve medical care for everyone who has been seriously injured in New Zealand. To achieve this goal, it is important to identify areas where improvement is needed, and to showcase good performers so that the sector can learn from each other.

For patients, it is important they have confidence that they will receive the best care anywhere in the country. For all stakeholders, presenting the data and work being done in simple and clear language is vital. We have transformed often complex data into simple infographics and used lots of pictures.

We are grateful to the judges for their recognition of our annual report.


Siobhan Isles
Previous National Programme Manager NZ
Major Trauma Network