Plain Language Awards

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Winner: Best Plain Language Technical Communicator 2022

Communications and Creative Team, thinkstep-anz

The thinkstep-anz team | David Klein, Hannah Schickendanz, and Mattias Nebel

Judges’ comments

The documents entered in the thinkstep-anz Communications and Creative Team’s portfolio are very impactful. In particular, the Nutshell document is very effective.

The writing in all these documents is focused and to the point. The writers do a great job of making the content straightforward and easy to read, taking care to explain any words or concepts that may be unfamiliar to readers.

The tone of these documents is excellent. The documents are conversational and engaging, and professional and clear, without being overly formal.

Overall, we find this an excellent portfolio of technical documents and a worthy winner in this category. Well done, thinkstep-anz team!

Media statement

We’re thrilled to have won Best Plain Language Technical Communicator!

Plain language matters to our business because we want our sustainability work to have an impact. By translating our technical findings into plain language, we’re helping busy decision-makers like CEOs understand those findings and act on them. Plus, we’re helping people get started with sustainability. It can be a bit daunting!

We also use plain language to deal to ‘greenwash’. Clients can rely on the plain language documents we produce. They can share their sustainability stories without risking ‘greenwash’ and the brand damage and fines that go with it.

Our thanks to the WriteMark Plain English Awards Trust for championing plain language!


Kate Thompson
Head of Communications