Plain Language Awards

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Finalist: People’s Choice — Best Plain Language Communication 2022



Judges’ comments

The landing page is beautiful. It has the mission front and centre: Bringing ideas to life, working with clients to create a better future for people and planet. And if you scroll through, you find a lot of information that would support your understanding of the company’s role. The content gives an excellent overview of the company’s purpose.

The website has a lot of content on showcasing all the different projects Aurecon has worked on. This information supports the purpose of promoting themselves and their ability to deliver on projects.

The web design housing informative content is simply beautiful. Limited tabs on the homepage are clearly defined into categories. Through these tabs, it is easy to navigate your way around the pages of content to find exactly what the reader is looking for.

We liked the easy navigation, and use of tiles and subheads. Each of the quick access menu options is logical and provides easy-to-navigate dropdown lists. Headings throughout are clear and express the main messages of a section. When you hover over the links, you get a brief description of what that section is about.

Although the website uses technical words, many are simple, precise and familiar to the audience. A reader will leave the Aurecon site with a lot more knowledge, that’s for sure!

Media statement

It is an honour for us to be a finalist in the People’s Choice category for the Plain Language Awards in 2022. We’re a design, engineering and advisory company that brings ideas to life to create a better future for people and the planet. We believe the key to communication lies with our audience. The clients and communities we serve are diverse and the challenges we tackle are some of the most complex in the world. This means if we want to communicate with impact, we need to focus on using plain language that is easily accessible. We’re delighted to have our efforts recognised.

Wendy Byrne
Brand, Marketing & Communications Leader