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Finalist: Best Plain English Website — Public Sector 2021

COVID-19 Group, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Website address

Judges’ comments

Kylie McGrath
The website is easy to navigate and it’s easy to find content. Its structure is clear and logical. It’s great to see you’ve also provided information for audiences who have impairments or speak other languages.

Page content is obvious at the top of each page. The pages I looked at all have clear titles, opening statements, and links to what’s on that page. Content is very likely to answer readers’ questions. Excellent job!

Ginny Redish
The website is clearly THE place to go for current information on COVID in New Zealand. It is an excellent example of keeping anxious people informed on a critical topic.

The site has mostly very short sections and paragraphs. On many pages, the paragraphs are each one short sentence, which is excellent.

Marjon Leemborg
The tone is friendly, relatively simple and feels objective. It fits the purpose of this site very well. You want mostly facts and advice from this site, but no judgment! The tone supports this.

The font is great and the difference between the headings and body text is very clear and visually appealing to the reader. It makes the information easier to scan and read.