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Finalist: Best Plain English Annual Report 2021

Ministry for Primary Industries

Document name

Ministry for Primary Industries Annual Report 2019/20

Judges’ comments

Deanne Lorianni
Overall, your paragraphs are concise enough and avoid using too many sentences. You keep to the point and do typically break up topics with subheadings. For a government report, I think you do a fairly good job of having a more engaging tone. I think you could have pushed the tone further to be more conversational, however.

Emma Fossey
As someone from outside of New Zealand, I found your first page on who you are and what you do very helpful. I’ve come across lots of reports that don’t provide this kind of information.

Sheridan Grundy
The content is accurate and relevant. It covers the highlights of the year and explains in more depth the vast breadth of MPI’s work throughout Aotearoa New Zealand and the world. The report answers readers’ likely questions and more. Great coverage of all aspects of MPI’s work.

Media statement

By their very nature, annual reports will never be light reading. And that’s especially the case for the Ministry for Primary Industries, which deals with many complex and scientific matters that have a huge and daily bearing on the lives of every New Zealander through the food and fibre sector.

That said, it would be a poor excuse for compiling an annual report that’s dense, inaccessible and incomprehensible.

Recognising that our target audience is diverse — including the government, ministers, the public, our Treaty partners, industry partners and other stakeholders — MPI made a concerted and meaningful effort to ensure its annual report for 2019/20 was understandable to all.

The feat is even more significant as the report was produced during the different alert levels due to COVID-19, which caused a disruption to resources and regular work arrangements.

MPI is immensely proud of this report. Yes, because it showcases our work accurately and brilliantly, but also because it’s written in plain English and intelligible to our biggest client — the New Zealand taxpayer.

Andrew McConnell
Deputy Director-General Compliance and Governance
Ministry for Primary Industries