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Winner: Best Plain English Turnaround 2018

Infinite Possibilities Limited

Shelly Davies, right, collects the Turnaround trophy from sponsor Anne-Marie Masgoret, INZ, on behalf of Brydon Davidson at Infinite Possibilities. Photo by Rebecca McMillan Photography.

Document name

Let’s commit to a serious relationship – Infinite Possibilities client relationship agreement

Judges’ comments

This is a damn clever turnaround. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

A remarkable change! You’ve taken a legal document and turned it on its head. It’s brilliantly unconventional, witty, exudes personality, and was a pleasure to read.

The word choice is casual and direct with a very distinct tone. Some people will clearly consider it unbusiness-like and will not do business with this company. Others will find it refreshing and will move forward — exactly the intent to weed out those clients who find it offensive and to sign on those who find it refreshing.

Media statement

I’m so excited to have won in the Plain English Awards this year.

When I decided to overhaul my accounting business, I began to look at everything that was client-facing.

My problem was finding someone who would ‘get me’ and help me express myself and how I wanted to work professionally, but not boringly. I didn’t want someone who was boring and conventional and safe so I teamed up with writing trainer Shelly Davies because boring, conventional and safe are never words you could use to describe Shelly!

The starting point was rewriting the client agreement. I was really mindful that people never want to read legal agreements that are traditionally boring and full of unnecessary jargon, so we got rid of all of that.

The agreement is now refreshingly real and to have it validated and the work Shelly and I have done confirms the direction I’ve chosen to go is a good one. It’s so liberating to be able to move away from boring and technical legalese and accountantese language that we’re told we should use.

Brydon Davidson

Infinite Possibilities