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Finalist: Best Plain English Document — Public Sector / Non-Government Organisation (NGO) 2015

Inland Revenue

Document name

Our Organisation 2015–2017

Judges’ comment

This document has some complex content, but overall you’ve handled it with skill. Well done.

The document has a good structure, and you’ve made good use of headings. A table of contents would help your readers navigate more easily and get an overview of what’s in this longish document.

You’ve clearly kept your reader in mind while writing. And you’ve taken care to use language that includes them and humanises your organisation (we, our, you).

At times your writing is not as concise as it could be, but on the whole you’ve tried hard to use clear language. We forgive you the use of some jargon as it’s likely to be understood by an internal audience.

Overall, a very good effort.

Media statement

Inland Revenue is pleased to be a finalist in the Best Plain English Document — Public Sector / NGO category in this year’s WriteMark Plain English Awards.

Inland Revenue’s Our Organisation 2015–2017 is an easy-to-read look at how Inland Revenue works and the changes that will happen. It explains to staff the key things we’re doing over the next 1 to 2 years and how each business area contributes.

‘The world will change hugely in the next few years and Inland Revenue is changing with it,’ said Karen Bishop, Inland Revenue’s Director of Corporate Planning and Reporting.

‘We wanted to create a document that is engaging for our people, helps them to easily understand what’s ahead for us and how we all contribute to IR’s success.

‘Inland Revenue works hard to use plain English and keep our language as simple as possible,’ she said.
Inland Revenue would like to thank the WriteMark Plain English Awards for recognising us.