Plain Language Awards

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Finalist: Best Plain English Document — Private Sector 2014

Mercer (NZ) Limited

Document name

Annual Member Benefit Statement

Judges’ comment

A well-presented statement with the relevant information up front. The ‘to do’ list works well.

Media statement

We’re very proud to be named a finalist at the WriteMark Plain English Awards.

Ultimately, the end game for us with all communication is to improve the financial understanding of our KiwiSaver members.

How KiwiSaver providers communicate with their members can influence our members’ understanding of how they need to prepare for retirement — we’re talking about having an impact on people’s lives in retirement, so communicating in a way that cuts through in a simple and meaningful way is critical in our view.

We know our KiwiSaver annual statement is the most-read member communication and we’ve worked hard to improve it, making it as concise as possible while still being engaging, and of course meeting legal requirements.

Each year Mercer in New Zealand produces and distributes over 280,000 annual statements. While legal requirements specify what information KiwiSaver statements must contain, we identified an opportunity to improve the format, content, and delivery methods of the Mercer KiwiSaver scheme’s annual statements.

Martin Lewington
Country Leader