Plain Language Awards

Celebrate the stories of our clearest business communicators

Tall poppy or shrinking violet — the People’s Choice Awards are for you

Care about clarity? The People's Choice Awards are for you! Image by Alyssa Stevenson. Unsplash licence.

The People’s Choice Awards are the perfect opportunity for all organisations to get recognition for their clear communications.

Are you comfortable shouting from the rooftops about your fabulously clear documents? Or do you keep your clear communications a best-kept secret — just for your customers?

Whether you’re a tall poppy or a shrinking violet, the Plain English Awards are a great way to get recognition for all the great work you’re doing to make New Zealand a country of clarity.

How does your document or webpage get nominated for an Award?

You can’t enter it yourself — it’s up to members of the public to do that. That’s why they’re called the People’s Choice Awards, of course! But you’re more than welcome to point them in the right direction.

Shout from the rooftops

Have you got a great document that you think is worthy of the Best Communication Award? Why not use social media to let the world know. If people think your document is a great example of clear communication, they can nominate it in the Awards.

Encourage your customers

Let your customers know through your newsletters and website that you’d love them to show how much they admire your document by nominating it in the People’s Choice.

It’s free to nominate

Nominations are free of charge for the People’s Choice Awards. Here’s how people can nominate for the Best Communication Award