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Lots of people work behind the scenes to make technical communication work well | Image by Wilfried Pohnke from Pixabay

Thanks to Write consultant and technical communicator Earnsy Liu for this blog post

2020 was a long year. The world was on tenterhooks, wondering how long COVID-19 would be around. Everyone hunkered down, made sourdough bread, and hoarded toilet paper. People got used to life on Zoom, and sometimes discovered cat filters the hard way.

Some workplaces changed tack completely and manufactured new products or offered new services. Other workplaces kept doing what they always did, but in different ways.

Your chance to get the recognition you deserve

Whichever category your workplace fell into, you probably did something differently. If you wrote any technical information you’re particularly proud of, the Awards judges want to hear from you.

Tell us about your clear procedures

Tell us about the new procedures you wrote, so that essential work could continue — safely distanced — through the pandemic. Procedures so clear and easy to use, that your colleagues could carry out complex procedures without missing a beat.

Tell us about your user-friendly online help

Tell us about the chunks of online help files you rewrote, so that non-techy customers could find answers to techy questions easily. Super easily, even though your customers came from diverse language and educational backgrounds.

Tell us about your new technical specifications

Tell us about the new technical specifications or instructions that you developed for your company’s new products in double-quick time. Maybe you wrote them while grappling with MadCap Flare or Framemaker, and collaborating for the first time in Confluence too!

Show us what you’ve done as an expert technical communicator

Send in up to five samples of your work. Showcase your plain language skills (hint: pick samples that show off your structure and layout too).

Tell us the context of your documents, including their purpose and audience.

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