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Finalist: Best Plain Language Document — Private Sector

Simplicity NZ Ltd

Congratulations to Simplicity NZ Ltd for being a finalist

Judges’ comments

Money Made Simple is a book to support New Zealanders in managing their money. The author has made a good effort in producing a document with effective plain writing. The tone used is familiar and friendly and isn’t confrontational for a topic that many could find intimidating. The words are engaging and clear for the intended audience and some technical terms are explained. Adding a glossary to this document would be a valuable asset to further improve the financial literacy of readers. Well done Simplicity for producing a document to better inform New Zealanders about money and give them more confidence in dealing with their finances!

Media statement

We are thrilled to be recognised as a finalist in the 2023 Plain Language Awards for the Best Plain Language Document — Private Sector category.

With the financial industry full of jargon and technical concepts, it can be easy to think ‘let’s just leave it to the experts’. But knowledge is power and the more we understand about money, the more we can take control of our own financial futures.

Since Simplicity’s launch in 2016, we’ve been on a mission to help build Kiwis’ financial capacity, helping them become richer and smarter with money.  Plain English principles have guided the development of all our marketing and educational materials, including Money Made Simple.

Written by our MD Sam Stubbs, in collaboration with publisher Potton and Burton, Money Made Simple is designed to be easy to read, help build understanding about key financial concepts, and support Kiwis to make more informed and intentional financial decisions.


Jennie O’Donovan
Head of Communications & Education
Simplicity NZ Ltd