Plain Language Awards

Celebrate the stories of our clearest business communicators

Winner: Best Plain Language Website — Private Sector


Craig Christensen of Graphic Solutions, sponsor of the Website categories, collects the trophy on Banked’s behalf | Craig Christensen and James Elliott (MC)


Judges’ comments

The Banked website has a simple layout and design that takes a back seat and lets the plentiful, useful information do the work. The purpose is clear, navigation is straightforward, and frequent and scannable headings guide readers through the articles.

The summary panels and contents list for each comparison topic provide a great overview and prepare the reader for the more in-depth content that follows. The content is thorough and helpful.

Media statement

Our goal at Banked is to provide Kiwis with information that helps them make the right decisions for their financial needs. A vital part of that is communicating in a way that is clear, easy to understand, and free from jargon.

That’s why we’re so pleased to be recognised in this year’s Plain Language Awards.

Personal finance can feel complex and overwhelming. But everyone should feel confident engaging with products and services that can support their financial wellbeing.

We want to help build that confidence through accessible and uncomplicated content and this recognition from the Plain Language Awards is a fantastic affirmation of our work so far.


Kevin McHugh
Head of Publishing