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Winner: Best Plain Language Legal Document 2022

Medical Assurance Society (MAS)

MAS proudly display their 2022 haul | Phil Belcher and Milly Grossett

Document name

Your Income Security policy document

Judges’ comments

Overall, this policy document does a great job at helping the reader understand a complex insurance product.

The document has excellent structure and clear headings, and applies other techniques to help readers deal with the large amount of information.

Short paragraphs and bullet lists break the information into manageable chunks and the language is generally clear and reader-friendly. Layout and presentation elements help to keep this long document manageable. Well done!

MAS is committed to providing outstanding service for our Members including easily understood, concise insurance policies so our Members are clear on what they are covered for, and when they can make a claim. Insurance comes with its fair share of complexity and technical jargon, so we embraced the challenge of applying plain language principles to our documents and wider communications.

We are delighted to win Best Plain Language Legal Document for our Income Security Policy Document. Being recognised with this Award is a testament to the progress we’ve made and the commitment of our staff to make us a plain language champion. Plain language is part of a culture change for MAS to strengthen the trust and confidence our members have in us. We are more determined than ever to sustain the momentum of this work and will continue to offer training and support for our staff to enhance their plain language skills.


Nicola Airey
Head of Brand and Partnerships
Medical Assurance Society