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Winner: Best Plain Language Document — Private Sector 2022


The thinkstep-anz team | David Klein, Hannah Schickendanz, and Mattias Nebel

Document name

A Life Cycle Assessment of New Zealand Mussels and Oysters

Judges’ comments

This document stands out as winner and thinkstep-anz should feel proud of it! It demonstrates simplicity, use of plain language, supportive graphics, and excellent design. Readers are pulled in and will likely want to read more. If you read the big bold headings you’ve got the content straight away. In fact that’s the stated purpose: to make it easy for journalists and other commentators to quickly grasp the message. Media feedback and comments from the client show that this document hit the right mark.

In many ways this document is exemplary and a worthy winner. Congratulations thinkstep-anz!

Media statement

We’re delighted to win this award! We put a lot of effort into making sure our sustainability work has an impact. This document is a short, plain language summary of a complex, 135-page technical report. Translating our technical findings into plain language, helped our clients understand our findings, communicate them with the wider industry and act on them.

Plain language was important to our client for another reason. Because we had already ‘translated’ our findings, the client did not need to do this themselves. They could be confident about communicating the results of the report widely without risking greenwash, and the fines and brand damage that go with it.

Our thanks to the WriteMark Plain English Awards Trust for championing plain language!


Kate Thompson
Head of Communications