Plain Language Awards

Celebrate the stories of our clearest business communicators

Finalist: Plain Language Champion — Best Individual or Team 2022

Communications and Creative Team, thinkstep-anz

Judges’ comments

The thinkstep-anz team show their commitment to clear communication in the work they’ve done to expand their plain language activities. They’ve taken important steps on their journey, like encouraging senior leaders to support the approach, focusing on clients, creating client personas, and creating plain language building blocks. Notably, they’ve developed guidelines, expanded their teams, and trained their people. The thinkstep-anz team also introduced plain language sections into some of their key documents, and have written plain language versions of some of their key documents for the first time.

We recognise this as a lot of great work to strengthen the foundations of a thriving plain language organisation. thinkstep-anz also shows their commitment in their goals for their clients. They translate sustainability findings into business information their clients can understand and act on. Not an easy task, but such a helpful and rewarding cause!

Well done to the Communications and Creative Team for achieving so much in a short space of time. Overall, a very deserving finalist!

Media statement

We’re thrilled to be nominated as a finalist.

Plain language matters to our business because we want our sustainability work to have an impact. By translating our technical findings into plain language, we’re helping busy decision-makers like CEOs understand those findings and act on them. Plus, we’re helping people get started with sustainability. It can be a bit daunting!

We also use plain language to deal to ‘greenwash’. Clients can rely on the plain language documents we produce. They can share their sustainability stories without risking ‘greenwash’ and the brand damage and fines that go with it.

Our thanks to the WriteMark Plain English Awards Trust for championing plain language!

Kate Thompson
Head of Communications