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Finalist: People’s Choice — Best Plain Language Communication 2022

Sawmill Brewery

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Sawmill Brewery Menu

Judges’ comments

The friendly and positive storytelling of this nomination pulls the reader in.

The simple and clear language helps to engage the reader. It is succinct and conversational and gets the points across well. The reader is left in no doubt about the establishment’s principles and mission. You feel good about supporting this business!

The content aims to tell customers what Sawmill stands for, and it does that perfectly. The story easily informs the reader about how this business is going about their purpose. The story has a logical flow and uses friendly and conversational tone that fits the purpose of the text.

The opening sentence is really clear about Sawmill’s mission. The content addresses the sustainability of the brewery and their commitment to the tiaki promise — caring for the environment. We like how it starts with the resources (land, sea, soil, and water); then moves to ingredients, the suppliers, the building, and finally the brewery product.

Well done!