Plain Language Awards

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Finalist: Best Plain Language Website — Private Sector 2022

MoneyHub Group Limited


Judges’ comments

We loved your commitment to plain language and continuous improvement.  You significantly overhauled your processes and writing style following comments from the judges of the 2018 Plain Language Awards — well done! Your team can be proud of their hard mahi over the past few years to make the writing more accessible to more New Zealanders, many of whom are likely to become repeat visitors.

The headings in the guides are some of the best we’ve seen. They are informative and effective. Words are simple and the writers have done a great job of getting rid of jargon and technical language — and explaining it where that’s not possible. The tone is professional, friendly, engaging, and relatively consistent throughout.

Your impact statement shows you’ve achieved your goals of record high engagement, an ever-growing number of users, and fewer questions. Congratulations!

Media statement

We are delighted to be a finalist in the 2022 Plain Language Awards. Since our launch in 2018, plain language has been the foundation of every guide and tool we publish. To be recognised as a finalist is something that gives us the confidence to scale our readership further. We know that the Plain Language Awards have the needs of everyday New Zealanders at their heart. Furthermore, to be a finalist means we know we are doing the right thing to help raise financial capability irrespective of income or wealth.

As a finalist in 2018, we overhauled our approach to writing based on the judges’ feedback. This has helped us grow our reach to hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders every month. The previous Plain Language Awards were instrumental in achieving instant trust with our user base, many of whom are not at first familiar with the MoneyHub brand.

We wish all finalists the best of luck for the Awards and look forward to celebrating their success.


Christopher Walsh
Head of Research
MoneyHub Group Limited