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Finalist: Best Plain Language Annual Report 2022

Xero Limited

Document name

Xero Limited Annual Report 2022

Judges’ comments

We really like the fact that you have an ‘About this report’ section right at the start of the report. Giving readers guidance about the report upfront is considerate and helpful.

The overall structure is sound and the sections flow logically.

Some headings are admirably clear. Overall, your tone is genuine and friendly, helped by liberal use of we, our, you, etc. In places, your enthusiasm and pride are obvious and engaging.

Overall, you use understandable language and avoid relying on dense jargon and complicated wording.

Media statement

We’re proud Xero has been recognised as a finalist in the Plain Language Awards for the Best Annual Report in 2022.

Transparency is key to building and maintaining trust with our customers, partners, investors, and our employees. Over the past few years, Xero has been on a journey to increase transparency over what we do as a business and how we do it.

That’s why, in our 2022 Annual Report, we were proud to start reporting on Xero’s performance in non-financial areas, in addition to the usual details about our strategy and financial performance. This demonstrates we are taking ownership of the broader impact our business has on the world and we’re clearly articulating this to all our stakeholders.


Kristen Barrett
Head of Finance Communications — Corporate Communications
Xero Limited