Plain Language Awards

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Winner: Plain English Champion — Best Individual or Team 2021

Lauren Kelindeman, Legalite

Lauren Kelindeman, Legalite

Judges’ comments

Steph Prince
Lauren and Legalite are very deserving winners of this award! Well done and congratulations.

Lauren shows her strength and dedication in fighting the good fight — she has clearly influenced, encouraged and supported others in her company to use and prioritise plain English. What’s even more impressive is that she did this in a legal setting, which can be quite challenging and often met with resistance.

We know it takes a huge amount of skill and effort to do what Lauren does, including writing a plain English policy, running training sessions and webinars, reviewing templates, and spreading the plain English word through social campaigns. Lauren’s commitment to plain English shines bright in the amount of work she’s done and the quality of the advice she’s created.

Rosie ter Beek
Lauren’s story is really inspirational, especially as legal language is notoriously complex and ridden with jargon. She has taken such concrete steps to put clear language into practice in the legal world, which should be recognised. I love how she spells clear writing principles out to her legal peers and roots them in a legal context.

Legalite really stands out in this regard and her management’s supportive approach should be commended.

Media statement

I have been passionate about promoting plain English advice in the law since the beginning of my career.

In 2020 I spear-headed our Plain English Project, where we developed a plain English policy and simplified our templates and advice. I provided internal and external training on plain English, and helped us launch a Linkedin campaign with plain English tips.

We saw significant benefits including increased client happiness, productivity, accessibility and business growth.

Being recognised as a finalist by the Plain English Awards is a huge achievement. It reminds me how important this work is to improve accessibility for clients seeking legal advice. I want to encourage as many lawyers as possible to adopt plain English!

Lauren Kelindeman
Managing Associate & Wellbeing Champion