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Image, Simon Hertnon

Author, educator, and consultant, Nakedize Limited, Auckland, New Zealand

Simon helps knowledge workers to solve problems and realise opportunities, which typically involves thinking more and writing less. To support this mission, he works with organisations to bring about the culture and conditions needed for optimal writing performance.

Simon teaches business writing skills in New Zealand (primarily through his Writing Essentials course for Wellington Uni-Professional) and internationally.

Simon has written several non-fiction books, including Clear, Concise, Compelling: How to write less to achieve more (2ed, Nakedize, 2021); and From Afterwit to Zemblanity: 100 endangered words brought to life (New Holland, 2008). In 2019, he published his first novel, The Julian Calendar, under the pseudonym William Henry. He has also published a human needs theory and has co-authored a book on strong sustainability.

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