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Sarah Stacy-Baynes

Judge: Plain English Champion — Best Organisation

Image, Sarah Stacy-Baynes

Editor and technical writer, Wellington, New Zealand

Sarah has been involved with the Plain English Awards since 2008. She and her team at the Cancer Society won five awards for the cancer information they produced together. Since winning the Plain English Champion — Best Organisation award in 2012 Sarah’s been asked to judge entries in the Plain English Champion category.

‘I still enjoy reading about how writers have planned successful campaigns or documents. They’re always interesting and I learn a lot. The competition for the Plain English Awards has got tougher over the years. It’s great to see that happening. It’s no longer acceptable to expect the reader to spend time trying to understand waffling content that makes a writer feel intelligent. I think that’s made New Zealand a fairer place to live and work.’

Over her career, Sarah has worked for several different NGOs and government departments.

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