Plain Language Awards

Celebrate the stories of our clearest business communicators

Finalist: Plain English Champion — Best Organisation 2021


Judges’ comments

David Boyle
For any firm legal firm to try and tackle plain language you have to take your hat off to Legalite. They work in an industry where people have created jargon as part of their day-to-day business, and to unwind this is a challenge. However, Legalite have given it a great shot and used it as a way to differentiate themselves from their peers. Seems the staff have really adopted the challenge as well.

Matt Huntington
Legalite is well on the way in their plain English journey. Their commitment to plain language is their main point of competitive difference (and advantage). In the land of legal firms, their decision to focus on plain English is striking and definitely sets them apart.

Legalite tell a great story about their plain English journey. And it is a great relief to see a law firm making plain language a point of difference, to drive their competitive advantage in their industry. Hopefully this spurs other law firms across Australia and New Zealand to take notice and follow suit!

Sarah Stacy-Baynes
I think Legalite have made plain English their point of difference from other firms, which is something many government departments and agencies would value when looking to contract out or commission work.

This project and the Legalite team should be acknowledged for reviewing 72 templates. It must have taken them a lot of time and resources to do so. Turning others ‘on’ to plain English and spreading the word will set them apart from other, making them leaders in this field.

Media statement

Plain English is a huge part of Legalite’s mission to ‘simplify legal services’.

Through our Plain English Project, we developed a plain English policy and simplified our templates and advice to clients in emails, letters and infographics. We saw significant benefits including increased client happiness, productivity, accessibility and business growth.

Being recognised as a finalist by the Plain English Awards is such an honour. It reminds us how important this work is to improve accessibility for clients seeking legal advice. We want all law firms to adopt Plain English communication!

Lauren Kelindeman
Managing Associate & Wellbeing Champion
Melbourne, Australia