Plain Language Awards

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Finalist: Plain English Champion — Best Individual or Team 2021

thinkstep-anz team

Judges’ comments

Steph Prince
thinkstep-anz promote clear communication in their field, which they embody by thinking of themselves as translators, rather than consultants.

The field you work in and the topics you write about are super interesting, and important to New Zealanders and the rest of the world. I can’t wait to see what you write as you continue on your plain English journey.

Rosie ter Beek
thinkstep-anz is making an effort to promote sustainability through public-focused blogs written in layman’s terms. They are consciously using plain language to make their message clear and persuasive.

Keep up the good work, thinkstep-anz! It is great to see a company with such a valuable mission flying the flag for plain language too.

Media statement

We describe ourselves as ‘translators’. We speak and write three languages: sustainability, business, and plain English.

Sustainability and business each have their share of complex, technical (jargon!) terms, and these terms don’t overlap. That’s where plain English comes in. It’s the language we use to translate our technical work into clear, concise information. We know this helps our business clients to make sustainability central to everything they do – and to drive the low-carbon economy themselves.

We’re thrilled to have been nominated for the Plain English Champion award. It’s spurred our team to do more.

Barbara Nebel
CEO for the thinkstep-anz team in New Zealand and Australia

Check out thinkstep-anz’s news article on their website