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Finalist: People’s Choice — Best Plain English Communication 2021

Kiwi Wealth

Document name

Kiwi Wealth: State of the Investor Nation Report June 2021

Judges’ comments

Simon Hertnon
I think the content of this report suits a presentation format very well, and this formatting decision significantly aids comprehensibility for readers. The consistent, colourful, graphics-heavy formatting are also strengths, as is the clear grouping of content in the six sections. Well done.

Ben Whitaker
This report provides a clearer, comprehensive understanding of Kiwis’ perceptions of their own wealth and confidence in a well-structured and visually impressive manner. It is a great example of providing clear, comprehensive information in a way that feels personal to me.

Jacqueline Taylor
I think Kiwibank have done an excellent job in providing the reader with a well-summarised statistical document highlighting the key insights in investor behaviour. Well done!