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Finalist: People’s Choice — Best Plain English Communication 2021

Masterton District Council

Document name

A Dog’s Tale newsletter

Judges’ comments

Simon Hertnon
I would like to congratulate the authors on a great job with this newsletter. What most impressed me is the welcoming nature of the newsletter, achieved through the very friendly tone, the colourful layout, the graphical elements and, of course, the two dogs! I am struggling to recall a more inviting compliance communication.

Ben Whitaker
Just such a friendly and fun newsletter. The topics could have been approached in a way that was negative and putting blame on owners. However, the authors have avoided this and it’s clearly focused on being fun and supportive.

Jacqueline Taylor
I would rate this a very good example of a plain language communication. What really stands out for me in this document is the informal, relaxed, friendly and engaging language used. So easy to read! And that really draws the reader in to want to read the content. I think the cute dog pictures are also great assets for this document!

Media statement

We have more than 6000 dogs in Masterton District — and they all have owners. Communicating with our dog-owning community in an engaging way that cuts out the, er, poop, is important to us.

Our Animal Services team are dog-lovers too, and we work hard to get our messages across in a way that will benefit dogs, their owners, and the community.

We’re delighted that our efforts have been recognised by a nomination from one of our dog owners for a Plain English Award.

Anita Crocker
Graphic Designer and Communications Coordinator
Masterton District Council