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Finalist: Best Plain English Turnaround 2021

Accuro Health Insurance

Document name

Accuro Health Insurance SmartCare+ Policy Document

Judges’ comments

Mary McLaughlin
This is a strong and interesting turnaround, with some very thoughtful and reader-focused choices. The original is text-heavy and a real slog to read. The rewrite is fresh, easy to navigate and beautifully laid out.

Accuro should find it easier to meet its goals with the revised document. I would anticipate fewer questions, higher customer satisfaction, and more positive relationships with customers.

Susan Kleimann
I would definitely use this as an example of how graphic design can help to organise and present dense and legalistic information. The document is an excellent example of how to present this complex health and insurance information.

Melissa Kargiannakis
I loved the headings. Great use of colour and graphics. Good sub-headings. This was very well done. Also, good use of bullets, not too many, some nice flow charts and decision trees. Excellent examples to illustrate information.

Media statement

Accuro Health Insurance is delighted to be a finalist in the 2021 Plain English Awards. The Awards offer a unique opportunity to be recognised for delivering clear communications to our customers.

As a health insurer, we work with a lot of complex medical terminology and insurance jargon that can be difficult for people to understand. We wanted to remove this from our policy documents as much as possible and to provide clear explanations with examples where appropriate.

With the help of WriteMark, we have created a document that is more customer centric and the feedback from our members and advisers has been extremely positive. They find the document clear and easy to understand, which aligns to our core values of simplicity and understanding.

We believe that demonstrating these values is part of what makes us New Zealand’s best little health insurer.

Fiona Mackenzie
Brand and CX Manager
Accuro Health Insurance