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Finalist: Best Plain English Document — Private Sector 2021

Litmus and Alzheimers NZ

Document name

This is our story: A qualitative research report on living with dementia

Judges’ comments

Barbra Kingsley
I really enjoyed the contents. In fact, I learned a great deal. I think that the contents accurately reflected the purpose of the report and gave voice to those living with dementia (and their caregivers).

The biggest strength of this document is that it is very clearly written. The paragraphs are short and easy to read, and they tend to only cover one topic. The subheadings help the reader easily navigate the section.

Lynne Laracy
The headings are great! They are information rich, scannable and helpful. Paragraphs are bite-sized and logical. They cover one theme, and are nicely broken up with subheadings. Sentences are generally short, active and simple, making this a very easy read that serves readers well.

Charlotte Davis
Front cover, table of contents, and ‘Summary of our Story’ all make the purpose of this document very clear. Excellent use of informative headings to tell the story at a glance — this is one of the document’s greatest strengths. I believe Alzheimers NZ will be able to use this document to raise awareness and lobby for more support and resources.

Media statement

We are delighted to be finalists for the Plain English Award 2021. Litmus is a social research and evaluation company. We write plain English research reports, so decision-makers have the information needed to improve lives.

Our report for Alzheimers NZ combines compelling storytelling with change-making insights. We presented the voice of those living with dementia to celebrate their contribution and challenge stigma about the condition. Guided by the advice of people living with dementia, we worked to deliver an easy-to-read report without jargon. Our writing is simple yet impactful. For Alzheimers NZ, the research supports the call to action embedded in The Dementia Declaration. Developed by people living with dementia, The Dementia Declaration identifies what they need to live well.

Our report helps Alzheimers NZ target decision-makers to increase and improve support services. We are thrilled to have this fantastic opportunity to showcase how we use plain English reporting to make a complex topic captivating.

Hannah Gibson
Research and Evaluation Practitioner