Plain Language Awards

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Winner: Best Plain English Technical Communicator 2018

Kaye Rayner, Sysdoc

Anna Lorkin from Sysdoc, left, representing winner Kaye Rayner with sponsor Emma Harding from Streamliners. Photo by Rebecca McMillan Photography.

Judges’ comment

Overall, the consultant did a good job of keeping instructions brief and to the point. Kaye did a fine job of creating simple, active sentences that easily help readers know what they need to do.

Instructions on the whole are brief and to the point. Kaye used lots of simple, logical and clear sentences and active voice in action sentences.

Media statement

Kaye Rayner is a senior documentation consultant with Sysdoc in Auckland, specialising in the design and development of corporate and technical documentation and training materials. She has worked across a broad range of clients and industries in the ten years she has been with Sysdoc, adapting her writing to suit the end-user’s needs and the documentation medium. Kaye is a strong advocate for the end-user and always considers it her duty to make their job as easy as possible by producing clear, concise and complete materials.

Kaye changed careers in 2007, studying full-time for Christchurch Polytech’s Graduate Diploma of Information Design. She applauds Sysdoc for taking her on as a newbie with no experience. Whilst she has always loved writing, she developed her information design skills on the job. Kaye not only loves words and communication, she also loves the technology, business transformation and innovation that comes with her role.