Plain Language Awards

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Winner: Best Plain English Legal Document 2018

Draper Cormack Group Limited

Judge Kylie McGrath, left, with winners of the Best Plain English Legal Document category Lou Draper and David Cormack. Photo by Rebecca McMillan Photography.

Document name

Terms and Conditions

Judges’ comments

This document is written in a way that gives the intended audience a strong chance of understanding it at the first reading, and in the way the drafter wants them to. It’s clear, direct writing, using as few words as needed, and avoids being ambiguous, lengthy or technical writing and complex sentences.

Overall, it is a good example of what you can do with a legal document.

Media statement

We are stoked our communications firm has placed in the 2018 Plain English Awards. David and I have made our careers from writing and it is an honour to be recognised for our efforts in a group of such high-calibre writers and communicators.

We operate under the belief that communication doesn’t need to be complex, and it should never be jargony. If people can’t understand what you’re trying to say, then why say it? When communicating with our audiences, we need to take responsibility for how they interpret what we are saying. At Draper Cormack Group, we’ve started with our terms and conditions of working with us. We’ve made them as clear as possible, so that anyone reading them knows exactly what they are signing up for. It makes it easy to understand so all parties are clear on the working relationship.

Lou Draper

Managing Partner