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Winner: Best Plain English Document — Private Sector 2018

JUNO Investing Magazine

Claire Connell, centre, and Jacqueline Taylor, right, from JUNO Investing Magazine, accept their trophy from sponsor Carolina Lima of

Document name

Your Guide to KiwiSaver

Judges’ comments

This is an exemplary document. It delivers clear and concise information in an attractive and helpful format. It explains a complex topic in plain language and in a way that makes joining up to KiwiSaver look easy.

I believe that more individuals will contribute (and otherwise interact with) their KiwiSaver accounts as a result of this document. It is clear that the authoring organization cares about plain language and about giving citizens information in clear, accessible ways!

Media statement

Using their knowledge and expertise of plain language, the team at JUNO magazine helped the JUNO KiwiSaver Scheme create the Your Guide to KiwiSaver booklet. This resource is used by the scheme to better educate New Zealanders about KiwiSaver.

Research shows that despite 2.7 million Kiwis are enrolled in KiwiSaver, 1.1 million are not contributing to their accounts. This is a huge concern, as the only way KiwiSaver will work well is if people are regularly contributing to it. Research also shows there’s a huge gap among New Zealanders in truly understanding KiwiSaver. For many, their KiwiSaver account could be their biggest investment in a lifetime, so it’s important that education around KiwiSaver is available.

Boosting education, investor capability, and awareness about KiwiSaver is a key pillar of the JUNO KiwiSaver Scheme. The scheme wants Kiwis to get the most out of their KiwiSaver and, with the support of JUNO magazine, are dedicated to improving financial capability.

When JUNO magazine launched the JUNO KiwiSaver Scheme with Pie Funds Management Limited, we knew that education played a very important role in strengthening New Zealander’s engagement with KiwiSaver. Our Your Guide to KiwiSaver booklet is an example of an ongoing commitment to education and improving investor capability.

JUNO Investing Magazine