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Winner: Best Plain English Annual Report 2018

Ryman Healthcare

Judge Tanya Boelema, left, and the team from Ryman Healthcare. Photo by Rebecca McMillan.

Document name

Ryman Healthcare Annual Report 2018

Judges’ comments

Overall, we have a strong example of how a company can take complex information and share the details both with clarity and with compelling storytelling. Kudos!

The report tells an extremely engaging story that would undoubtedly appeal to a general reader.

The report is very accessible to all audiences. And it is a good example of plain writing and information design.

Media statement

We’re delighted to get this recognition for our first Integrated Annual Report. Our aim was to deliver a report that set out our story clearly for our long-term investors as well as anyone new to Ryman Healthcare. We’re pleased the judges agreed that we succeeded in what we set out to do. The hard bit is doing it again next year!

David King

Corporate Affairs Manager