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Finalist: Best Plain English Legal Document 2018


Document name

Hatch Beta Terms and Conditions

Judges’ comments

Overall this document shows what plain English can achieve in the law. The target audience is written to in a language it can understand and act upon with confidence. The flow of ideas is logical and the design is clear and concise. Any half-smart investor (the document’s audience) would easily and quickly grasp its implications.

Media statement

Does anybody read terms and conditions ever? Probably not, because they’re often written with enough legal jargon to make your eyes bleed. At Hatch, we’re trying to revolutionise the investment industry by making investing in global markets accessible for all Kiwis. We figure that to be truly transparent and accessible to a wide range of customers, we have to write in a way that makes investing easy to understand. This is why we wrote some short and sweet Ts & Cs. This clear and concise way of writing is something we apply to everything we create, from newsletters to micro copy.

Hatch has a writer whose job it is to make investment speak interesting and understandable, but our team is involved in the editing process. We’ve built our content culture through a process of healthy critique. It helps us push to be better, to write better, to open a world of investing to all New Zealanders. Thank you to the entire Hatch team, and the Kiwi Wealth team who have helped us win this incredible award.

We’re super proud to be a finalist for the 2018 Best Legal Document award.

Kristen Lunman
GM of Hatch