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Finalist: Best Plain English Document — Private Sector 2017

KPMG New Zealand

Document name

Mindset. Trust. Adaptability. KPMG New Zealand CEO Outlook Survey 2017

Judges’ comments

This document had interesting and cutting-edge design. Colour and graphics were good.

CEOs would probably find the document useful; they would be interested in the comparisons between NZ and global results.

Media statement

We’re honoured to be a finalist in the 2017 award for Best Plain English Document — Private Sector. As the local supplement to a large global survey in which 52 KPMG member firms participated, the New Zealand insights would become part of a family of country-specific publications. It was also our inaugural New Zealand CEO Outlook Survey Report, which has made winning this award that much more special.

This was a complex report, and therefore it was important to us that we took a fresh approach to the structure and format of the publication to ensure our messages were clear and highly relevant to Kiwi CEOs. With 169 pages of survey data for our marketing and communications team to analyse, it could easily have fallen into the category of text-heavy, hard-to-digest, dry reads. However, the team distilled the data down to uncover a compelling story of ‘Mindset, Trust, and Adaptability’. The insights were then brought to life by interspersing bite-sized pieces of content among the real-life experiences of three respected New Zealand CEOs.

Being recognised for our efforts has really encouraged us to continue focusing on cutting through complexity in our communications firm-wide.

Godfrey Boyce
KPMG New Zealand