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Winner: Best Plain English Website — Private Sector 2015

Woods the Creative Agency

Judge Kylie McGrath with Stephen Finnegan

Website address

Judges’ comment

This is a standout website. It makes a seemingly ugly fruit simply beautiful. In terms of your stated aims, it’s a very effective piece of communication.

We loved the use of humour. This isn’t always possible when designing for clients as it depends on subject matter, but you’ve certainly used it very effectively here.

Overall, the site is well-constructed, easy to navigate, and has excellent layout and visuals. It’s clean, direct, and fresh — a good reflection on the product and the company. You’ve used a good balance between text and images.

You’ve also used nice clear language. The information is friendly and readable, and headings are fresh and funny. The two-fold purpose of attracting effective workers and enticing exporters is done well with relatively little text. You’ve whittled it all down to key points. Commendable!

Media statement

Woods the Creative Agency and Enzed Exotics are delighted to win this year’s Best Plain English Website — Private Sector award.

Enzed Exotics produce and export a fruit that is unique and relatively unknown. With the website, we wanted to capture the essence of the quirky horned melon, and share the joy it brings to people’s lives.

As a key vehicle for introducing the brand to overseas markets, the website needed to communicate a simple, engaging story. By using plain English we were able to educate consumers all over the world about these captivating melons and the beautiful environment where they are grown.