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Finalist: Best Plain English Document — Public Sector / Non-Government Organisation (NGO) 2015


Document name

Quit smoking resource for pregnant women

Judges’ comment

We think this is a really engaging document that works well for its audience. You clearly understand the concerns and misconceptions your audience may have, and you’ve addressed all of these in a clear way.

You’ve used clear, simple sentences and everyday language. You’ve made great use of ‘you’ and ‘your’ to speak directly to the reader.

In terms of layout, we liked the chunky presentation that made key ideas jumped out. Well done.

Media statement

Quitline is delighted that our Quit smoking resource for pregnant women is a finalist in the WriteMark Plain English Awards.

Our aim with this resource was to create an upbeat, inspiring booklet that would appeal to the demographic of women who are most likely to smoke when pregnant. We wanted to be honest about the harms to baby, without sounding judgmental.

We are very aware of how important it is to communicate clearly and in a way that engages people who want to quit smoking. Having the right information and encouragement can make the difference in whether someone successfully quits or not. In the case of pregnant women who smoke, getting the messages right is doubly important. The health of a vulnerable baby is also at stake.

Since our organisation’s inception in 1999, we are proud of the suite of printed resources we have developed, which are used by the whole health sector.

Paula Snowden
Chief Executive