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Finalist: Best Plain English Document — Private Sector 2015

Moneta Media

Document name

Juno (Spring 2015)

Judges’ comment

This magazine has a clear title and a mini contents list on the cover to highlight key sections. It also has a clear editorial statement and an informative contents page.

The intended readers are both a lay and educated audience, so you might benefit from extra effort in telling lay readers what they can expect (and appealing to them on the cover).

The articles are logically ordered but interesting as well — we read through from start to finish and enjoyed the surprises.

We thought the design, both editorial and visual, was beautiful. You’ve taken care on each page to balance the readability of the information with the design elements.

You’ve used catchy and informative headings that consistently do what magazine headings should do—half-inform, half-compel. Key information is repeated in side bars. This makes it easy to scan for key messages.

You’ve used short, journalistic paragraphs with key messages up front. Sentences are written consistently in plain English. Overall your writing creates a professional, educational, warm, and accessible tone.

We think this magazine connects with readers and considers a wide range of topics clearly and concisely. It’s well-considered, focused, and readable. It respects the reader and values quality. Overall, it’s fun to look at and read.

Kudos to those who worked hard on getting the editorial strategy watertight — it comes across. Most impressive is the way you’ve considered both lay and expert readers.

Media statement

Moneta Media is honoured that Juno magazine Spring 2015 has been selected as a finalist for Best Plain English Document — Private Sector.

Our vision is to improve the financial literacy of New Zealanders by making investing more accessible. We endeavour to provide relevant and topical information, written in plain English, that is easy to understand, enjoyable to read, and informative.

As a simplified voice in a complicated industry, Juno magazine educates, informs and empowers readers, supporting them in making better financial decisions. We are very proud that Juno magazine carries the WriteMark on the cover, showing we’re committed to clear communication.

Jacqueline Taylor
Editor and Publisher