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Finalist: Best Plain English Annual Report 2015

ANZ Investments

Document name

ANZ KiwiSaver Scheme Annual Report

Judges’ comment

The wording in this report is clear and simple with few technical terms. You’ve worked hard to make the text chatty. The personal tone speaks directly to your members. You’ve used contractions (such as ‘we’re’ and ‘doesn’t’). At times it’s so informal (‘Mind the bumps’) it’s hard to remember you’re reading an annual report. But it’s certainly catchy and engages the reader.

You’ve used more formal language in the more formal sections. There are no contractions here and there’s more use of the passive, which seems appropriate.

This summary annual report is threaded through with information designed to engage scheme members. This ranges from calls to sign up for email to headings that attract attention. It’s a combination reporting and marketing document and works well as such.

The report technically meets plain English standards through structure, paragraphing, sentences, and wording. Overall, a good, even report. We were able to get the meaning on first reading.

Media statement

ANZ Wealth is proud that our ANZ KiwiSaver Scheme Annual Report has been selected as a finalist for the Best Plain English Annual Report.

For many members, KiwiSaver is their first investment. Our annual report provides important information about their investment, such as performance history, unit prices, and statutory information. It also gives us an opportunity to provide educational information to help our members understand, and make the most of, their KiwiSaver account.

Making this information easy to understand is a key part of our ongoing journey to help increase financial literacy and understanding among our members.