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Our newest trustee | Nicola Airey

We’re very excited to welcome Nicola Airey as a trustee for the WriteMark Plain English Awards Trust. Nicola joins current trustees Lynda Harris, Wayne Wright, and Nicola Welby.

With her passion for building meaningful brands, helping them grow through clever marketing, and doing good things for the community along the way, Nicola Airey is a fantastic asset to the team.

She’s worked in a wide range of corporate, government, not for profit and community groups, delivering clever strategies that build business, promote the brand, and positively impact the community. This experience, and her expertise in engaging with stakeholders, nurturing sponsorships, and managing events, will be invaluable.

She’s excited to be joining the Awards team — particularly at a time when clear communication and plain language have never been more important.

‘It is a privilege to be part of the Awards Trust, supporting the improvement of language to improve lives. If we can build the Awards, and more importantly, the profile of the importance of plain language across Aotearoa New Zealand, we can make such a difference. The stories shared by previous award winners of how they have influenced change inspire others. We need more businesses to understand that plain language isn’t a fad. It delivers bottom line benefit and customer experience.’

And Nicola knows what it takes to introduce plain language to an organisation and keep the momentum up. Plain language has always been core to her strategies for communications and customer engagement. At Medical Assurance Society (MAS) she introduced and oversaw a significant programme of work to bring plain language into focus. This effort was recognised when MAS won a number of categories in the 2022 Plain Language Awards.

We’re excited to have Nicola joining us as we take the next steps on our journey to grow the Plain Language Awards.


Welcome, Nicola!
The Plain Language Awards team

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