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Share your stories and inspire others

Share the stories of your plain language projects and inspire others! Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

This year, we’re introducing something new to shine a spotlight on the amazing achievements of our entrants and supporters.

We’re inviting you to share videos telling the story behind your document, project, or passion, or to tell your story of why plain language matters to you.

Why share your stories?

We’re all keen to see what a plain language approach is like in action, and the work you’ve done to achieve it.

Your stories are a chance for you to acknowledge the hard work that your team has put into the project. Your stories will showcase the thinking, planning, and drafting that goes into producing plain language content.

We hope your stories will inspire others to see how plain language can make a difference in people’s lives. No story is too big or too small!

Share your plain language story

Your stories will form part of a video gallery

We’ll showcase your stories on a gallery on the Plain English Awards website so that together we can inspire, challenge, and enlighten others. Your videos will be promoted in our newsletter, and will appear alongside those from other individuals and organisations. The story gallery will be a wonderful resource to share with your own audiences too.

As Awards project manager Jonny puts it:

It’s clear to us that, every year, projects and documents that are entered into the Plain English Awards have often taken a lot of thought and effort. Previously, our judges have been the only ones to see and enjoy your work.

In 2021 we want to know why you used a plain language approach. We also want to celebrate the positive impact that plain language has on organisations, customers, and the public.

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